Founder, Chairperson

Founder, Chairperson

Spirituality through Technology!!

Simplicity Group, is a Business Group operating out of Mysore, Karnataka, India.

It is a bold vision to set up an organisation that would, in a short span of time, reach those souls that deserves it, now-today.

The vision is to establish a Mother organisation which will be a platform for conducting various businesses ethically,sincerely and  efficiently. Ranging from  Gems and Jewelry, On-Line Jobs Exchange and a Pay per download site. The PPD will offer various soft wares and programs, including a few open-source  programs, apps and soft wares for  all its patrons, meaning you.

Simplicity’s endeavor is to offer a genuine organisation that is built on the lines of a “Human” environment, and that Business in general doesn’t have to mean Exploitation. And that, knowledge is also a blazing path to the ultimate bliss, offering worthy patrons an opportunity to evolve into a rarefied being of eternal bliss, god realisation, Nirvana, Mukti, what ever……… the one important distinction being, the word religion is replaced with Technology.


Gems and Jewelry for the Sensitive

Gems and Jewelry Industry in India is a vibrant happening. “Simplicity” is one such expression. A site that Truly believes in the can do and do it excellently attitude. We deal in Diamond Jewellery, Loose Diamonds, Colored Precious and semi-precious Gem stones and Gemstone Products. Our collection of Designer Necklaces, Danglers, Rings, Studs, Lamps and a long list of various products are made with Meticulous care and Expert craftsmen ship. The material we use are of exceptional quality and the service,  highly personalized. However our response attitude, highly Professional, as well.

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