Simpliciy is an Ultra Modern Gems and Jewelry enterprise originating from India. A good few Gemologists, Jewelry Designers and Successful Gems and Jewellery Businesses have joined hands to create a nourishing Business environment in the challenging field of Gems and Jewellery. Highly qualified Managers [MBA] have associated with simplicity and have succeeded in establishing a Dignified and Professional enterprise which is catering to overseas customers, Buyers, Whole sellers, Retailers.

There a few gray areas in the Gems and Jewelry world, especially in India. The agony a Gem cutter in the Agate/Semi-Precious industry is untold, that includes Death due to the dreaded condition called Silicosis. Simplicity is working 24×7 to help the cutters live a normal life by educating them about Occupational hazards and find realistic solutions to overcome this lacunae.

We enforce Health standards and even offer Midday meals to the cutters who are invariably from the lower strata of the society. Simplicity firmly believes that a safe and sound manufacturing is very possible and that the Manufacturers, who employ, may be convinced to emulate high standards of health and hygiene among Gemstone workers in general. This approach is also very much applicable to Gold/Silver workers. If one were to see the appalling conditions these talented workers live in, one might consider not having to do anything in this field and wind up the entire exercise.

Simplicity Necklace and Afghani jewelry department employs women in desperate need to keep body and soul together. These women along with their kids, hungry and agonizing have found a gentle environment that they work for alright.

The organization’s attempt to reach out to them is finding great acceptance. Some have even learned to smile. Simplicité is not a “charity” organisation, dignity of labour, and creative pursuits ( in the field of Gems and Jewelry) are its way of life, a place that does not entertain any Exploitation or abuse of any sort. It is a proud, competitive profit making non –  government, Independent body that will cover immense grounds in its chosen path.



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