Founder, Chairperson

Founder, Chairperson

Spirituality through Technology!!

Simplicity Group, is a Business Group operating out of Mysore, Karnataka, India.

It is a bold vision to set up an organisation that would, in a short span of time, reach those souls that deserves it, now-today.

The vision is to establish a Mother organisation which will be a platform for conducting various businesses ethically,sincerely and  efficiently. Ranging from  Gems and Jewelry, On-Line Jobs Exchange and a Pay per download site. The PPD will offer various soft wares and programs, including a few open-source  programs, apps and soft wares for  all its patrons, meaning you.

Simplicity’s endeavor is to offer a genuine organisation that is built on the lines of a “Human” environment, and that Business in general doesn’t have to mean Exploitation. And that, knowledge is also a blazing path to the ultimate bliss, offering worthy patrons an opportunity to evolve into a rarefied being of eternal bliss, god realisation, Nirvana, Mukti, what ever……… the one important distinction being, the word religion is replaced with Technology.